5 Tips to help you pick the perfect bridal jewelry this wedding season

5 Tips to help you pick the perfect bridal jewelry this wedding season

Choosing the perfect bridal jewelry can be a daunting task. There is a lot on your plate and the new trends with plethora of options from various jewelry stores make it all very confusing. One of the best ways to ease this journey trusts a jewelry store that has a decade of experience in designing bridal jewelry and perfecting every look.

Your wedding set is crowning jewel among the other items in your trousseau. It needs to match your outfit with the perfect stones and beads, should be on-point with latest trends and fit your budget!

Well, here is a little help from us that will help you find something that keeps up to your preference!

1. Be calm and be yourself: When you are picking jewelry for your wedding, you need to see that it adds elegance and charm to your look. Try not to be overwhelmed with new trends that might not suit you. Stick to being elegant with your jewelry so that you can outshine in a massive crowd.

2. Consider your outfit   Based on the neckline of your outfit, you need to go ahead with your jewelry choice. If you have a high collared neckline then you need to invest in earrings but if you have a deep neckline then going in for a necklace/ or a layered look would be a great choice. 

3. The design of your dreams Even with a lot of options online, you might want to modify the style of the necklace, change the beads or the earrings with the set. Choose a jewellery store that will create a distinct look for you.
Never go for a repetitive look!
Avoid going for the same look that has been created for many brides before. Make your jewels speak for themselves and combine it with your personal style quotient.

4. Speak to a Stylist For most brides, wedding is the first occasion where they will be investing in and wearing heavy jewelry pieces. It is recommended that you get in touch with a stylist who can recommend jewels for you, based on your outfit, facial and neck structure, and consider your preferences.
For instance – Do not go for a choker if you have a broad neck!
If you are planning a beach wedding, regal and heavy necklaces might kill the vibe.

5. Try not to overdo your look Never go overboard! You might feel tempted to go all dazzle for a wedding but that is a big NO-NO! It is very common for brides to shop for a heavy look of jewelry and then drown under the pieces. Pick something that will add aura and elegance to your look – you can achieve this by using little or a lot of jewelry pieces. The trick is to style them well.

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