Necklace Sets

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Emerald drops Kundan Necklace Set


Silver Polish American Diamond Necklace Set with Tikka

£350.00 £280.00

Silver Polish American Diamond Necklace Set

£350.00 £280.00

Two piece Silver Polish Emerald and American Diamond Necklace set


Gold and Pearl Kundan Necklace Set

£280.00 £240.00

Emerald and Gold Kundan Necklace Set

£200.00 £150.00

Gold Kundan Necklace Set with Ruby beads

£200.00 £150.00

Gold Plated Dark Blue Kundan Necklace Set

Rhodium Plated American Diamond Necklace Set

Gold Polish Kundan Set in Green

American Diamond Choker Set

Long Ruby and Kundan Necklace Set

Gold Plated Kundan Necklace set with Emeralds and Pearls

£70.00 £58.00

Green Meenakari Kundan Set

£68.00 £50.00

Aayat Kundan Set

Three Flower Kundan Choker Set with Earrings